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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Waiting for a towel to dry...

It's amazing how many things go through your mind when you are waiting for your laundry to be done. I'm sitting here at the computer while the dryer is finally finishing a load of towels. Over the course of the last fifteen minutes or so, I've thought of at least fifteen different things I need to get done today. Aside from doing laundry, I need to take some library books back, clean up my house, go to the grocery store, get clothes ready for tomorrow morning, pay some bills, balance my checkbook, write the rest of a short story I'm working on, work on my website, pay attention to my daughter, exercise, visit my mother, and God knows what else... One of the things on my list was to write something here, so I guess I can cross that one off the list. The point is, no matter what I get done in a day, the heads keep growing back. Granted, I create some things for myself to do so that I can continue to feel like my life has a purpose. But there are other forces at work that create the rest.

How much of what we do is generated solely from our need to stay busy? How much of that need to stay busy or productive comes from simply being a female? I think women fall into this cycle much of the time because we are expected to keep things going. To make things "comfortable" for the people in our lives. Even if we have a really great husband or boyfriend who actually cooks or cleans, there is a degree of guilt attached whenever we don't do the little things. I am by no means domestically inclined, yet I still feel the nagging sense that I need to prove my worth in this area. Look how good I am at keeping house, folding clothes, washing dishes, etc. Even though I hate housework and feel that it isn't extremely important in the grand scheme of things, I still feel inadequate when I don't do enough of it. This is some bullshit that is hardwired from years of listening to a grandmother who felt that "a woman's place was in the home."

I guess it was this kind of coaching that ultimately led me to become a feminist. I wasn't sure that I was one before, but over the last several years, it has become clear that I believe in the power of women to achieve nearly anything. I believe that women should work together to make this world a better place and that we should use our strengths to help make other women stronger. So, as I sit here, waiting for my laundry to dry, I think about all of the things that I can do to make a positive impact on the world today. What can I do while waiting for my towels to dry? It's hard to say for sure, but I hope that blogs such as this one are a step in the right direction. I found this quote over at and thought it would work nicely here:

"In my heart, I think a woman has two choices: either she's a feminist or a masochist."
—Gloria Steinem

Now we just have to ask ourselves, which one will I be today?

Until next time...

1 comment:

Drake said...

Good post. I actually don't want to be either. I prefer being myself. I was brought up to believe in myself, to not let society impose a certain stigma upon me. To let my mind, my passions and my interests guide me through and along my chosen path. There's nothing that can change what completes me...(did anyone else see Tom Cruise just now?).
Yes, it's hard being a woman sometimes and having all these plates to balance, but making sure that you never lose yourself is key. Making certain that you have that time to allow your inner voice to speak to you, so you don't get lost in the mundicity of life.
I think with all the resposibilities we have day in and out we tend to lose ourselves, allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by things that don't matter. So you don't do the laundry today...big deal. Is the world going to collapse around you cause you ran out of clean towels? I don't think so. I think we need to step aside and refocus our priorities, so that we can be who we were meant to be, not what is expected of us:-)

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